Commercial and Corporate Grounds Maintenance

Take the worry out of your site lawn and garden maintenance – Let Diamond Lawn & Garden Australia provide issue free, ongoing servicing that will enable you to focus on the things you need to do.

Essentially, through experience and listening to our clients, Diamond Lawn & Garden Australia takes our very clear processes and tailors them for each client. Our experienced teams then follow these processes and are in and out before you know it.

Our service packages can be tailored to your specific needs and account for the constantly changing climatic conditions in your area.

All works completed safely under the Diamond Lawn & Garden Australia safety management plan which has been developed in accordance with the Queensland Health and Safety Act 2011.

Any and all client specific safety protocols and/or procedures are learned, passed on to teams and followed to the letter. This includes general and site-specific inductions, sign on procedures and any required documentation.

All manner of Lawn and Garden Maintenance in many locations across CQ

  • Commercial and Industrial Premises
  • Petrol Stations (WPCG Compliant)
  • Shopping Centres
  • Body Corporates
  • Government Departments
  • Mining Camps
  • Child, aged and health care facilities

As with Residential servicing, Diamond Lawn & Garden Australia understand that some clients have restrictions around when they would prefer their yards to be serviced. Whether this means weekends, or before business hours, Diamond Lawn & Garden Australia provides reliability and flexibility to meet all requirements

Concerned that the noise from the yard service will interfere with meetings and day to day work activities – No problem, you let us know when suits you and Diamond Lawn & Garden Australia will schedule it in

Need to know what the yard maintenance will cost you ahead of time so that you can stick to your budget – Diamond Lawn & Garden Australia have a proven record of working under contract to supply ongoing service

Not your average lawn mowing company

Diamond Lawn & Garden Australia offer professional and worry-free service. If you’re past the “bloke with a lawnmower” – we’re ready to provide the standard of service you expect.

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