Residential and Domestic Lawn and Garden Maintenance

Diamond Lawn & Garden Australia has clientele in many residential, domestic and commercial situations and are able to tailor our services to your specific needs. Houses, apartments, home offices, housing estates, unit complexes and body corporate titles all form part of our current portfolio.

  • Mowing
  • Edging
  • Blow off hard surfaces and lawn areas
  • Hedge and shrub trimming
  • Organic and general waste removal
  • Weed, pest and disease control
  • Fertilizing and top dressing
  • Mulching
  • Irrigation repairs and servicing

You should call us!

  • Get your weekends back – Let DIAMOND LAWN & GARDEN AUSTRALIA have your yard ready for your days off
  • Going on holiday and don’t want to come back to a messy yard – 1800 321 MOW and we will sort it out
  • One off yard tidies – either planned or last minute – Having a party and you’ve left the yard too late- 1800 321 MOW
  • End of lease or inspection coming up and need to get the yard back to a standard before-hand – 1800 321 MOW
  • Have small children and need us to be there outside of nap time – just let us know.
  • Shift Worker, need us there early or late – no trouble mate – 1800 321 MOW
  • Set and Forget – Regular and systematic lawn and garden servicing – 1800 321 MOW

All works completed safely under the DIAMOND LAWN & GARDEN AUSTRALIA safety management plan which has been developed in accordance with the Queensland Health and Safety Act 2011

Not your average lawn mowing company

Diamond Lawn & Garden Australia offer professional and worry-free service. If you’re past the “bloke with a lawnmower” – we’re ready to provide the standard of service you expect.

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